The Balanced Divers team was created by two positive about the life people. He is ever smiling and willing to joke, but always has both feet on the ground. She is a perpetually hungry girl who is easy to bribe with chocolate, which makes her glow with ideas derived from its energy. As a team they both put safety first. Their professionalism goes hand in hand with their joy and passion for discovering, and sharing, the depths.

Nabil M. Elbendary:

Extremely passionate about underwater world, Nabil is an expert of all kinds of diving equipment and an enthusiastic fan of two wheels. A professional and loyal coach, teacher and advisor Nabil is one of a kind! He’s been diving regularly for 15 years and knows the Red Sea like the back of his hand. A well-experienced diver who is in love with the blue abyss, Nabil is optimistic about the life and sure he’ll bring this passion to even the most resistant. As a real man, Nabil is a master chef. He has a weakness for Czech wafers Tatranka and enjoys training his sweet, four-legged troop of pooches. Deeply curious about the underwater world, Nabil maintains a tireless approach to developing his skills, improving his qualifications and perfecting his dive training. Supportive and helpful, Nabil's easy-going demeanor, combined with his professionalism, create the ideal dive instructor who is happy to talk shop and give guidance to anyone, at any time.

  • Advanced Nitrox IANTD Instructor
  • M1 CMAS Instructor
  • Sidemount Instructor
  • PADI Divemaster
  • Technical Dive leader Advanced Trimix ITDA
  • TDI MK6 Discovery Air Diluent Decompression Diver
  • TDI Explorer Rebreather Diver

Agnieszka Krotecka-Elbendary:

It all started with her birthday… Agnieszka received her first diving course as a present from her favorite uncle. And it was this present that changed her whole life. Keen on diving everywhere and with everybody, Agnieszka has a warm heart, even if she is diving in a dry suit because of the cold. You can not only have fun with her, but also learn a lot and get to know about diving from a female perspective. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you’ll find common ground in almost every language. Her motto is, “if you do something, do it well”. It’s all about looking for a way! She’s in love with Thai food (before diving), snowboarding (between the dives) and everything that is chocolate (it can even be during the dive).


  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • IANTD Advanced Nitrox Diver
  • EFR Instructor
  • CMAS P2

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