SPECIALTY COURSES - Underwater Navigation

Imagine that you dive without a guide in water where the visibility is limited 10 m, and there are no fixed ropes between objects. What then? You need to take a compass and swim? But how to use it? In which direction should you go? Or think, what you will do when get lost and do not know how to come to the shore. Sound awkward? That is why the navigation skills are mandatory in diving!

You also can navigate underwater!

This course will teach you how to navigate using natural objects and a compass and ability to estimate distance under water.

Why is it worth it?

These skills are essential when you dive without an instructor/guide. They give you the possibility to dive free and easy, without fear as you ascend in the middle of sea/lake and you’d have to come back to a shore at the surface. No stress means saving the air you breathe with. There’s nothing like long dive! Other divers will keep calm when you return safely, and they won’t have to look for you.

What does the course consist of?

  • theory classes
  • practice (3 dives)

What do I need?

  • must be at least ten years old
  • PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver level

Price: ***

*the price doesn’t include certification

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