Seal Team

Does your child love playing and is adventure seeking? Would you like him to uncover the secrets of a new world? You certainly won't get enough of this program! PADI Seal Team will put your offspring into breathtaking, blue land, teach diving skills, and show how to handle diving equipment. The program is intended for children older than 8 years of age and is provided under the instructor’s watchful eye.

Diver prerequisites:

  • 8 years of age
  • PADI Seal Team Statement signed by participant and parent/guardian, as appropriate.

The program consists of two parts:

  • Theory: Each AquaMission is precisely explained and the participants solve the exercises.
  • Confined water: The classes are conducted in a pool 2-4 m and consist of 5 AquaMissions.

For PADI Master Seal Team membership, PADI Seal Team members complete an additional 10 Specialty AquaMissions and independently assemble and disassemble equipment.

The price: ***

The price includes:

  • PADI Seal Team AquaMission and Log Book, and decals
  • PADI Seal Team wall certificate and membership card application

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